Criminal Defense Lawyer for Fraud, including Bank & Insurance Fraud

It happens. You feel you’re bending but not breaking the rules. You’ve made a mistake of omission by leaving out data or simply failing to file a form, and suddenly there’s the appearance of fraud, and a fraud charge is set upon you. Fraud, especially bank fraud, is not a Do-it-Yourself project because someone you know in law enforcement can correct the “mistake”. Best thing to do is get a criminal defense attorney as soon as you can and say not a thing to anyone.

On the other hand, fraud is sometimes an act of commission, a deliberate deception to acquire an unlawful benefit or gain, usually relating to money. Fraud can take on numerous forms that stretch from impersonation, such as police officer or official for an advantage, to falsely filing a claim for an unemployment benefit, to deceptively creating the appearance of an event such as theft of property, say your car, in order to collect on insurance. Fraud can also occur by disclosing inaccurate information or even by non-disclosure of factual data, such as income, or debt, as relates to mortgage or loan acquisitions. These more serious charges absolutely require the counsel of an experienced criminal attorney to protect your freedom. The initial consultation at the Law Offices of John Paragano is free.

Fraud, especially insurance fraud, also affects innocent people because companies often spread their losses at the expense of honest customers. For this reason, among others, fraud carries significant penalties that both punish and deter all forms of fraud. Related fraud may include:

  • Medicare / Medicaid Insurance Fraud
  • Bank Fraud
  • Unemployment Insurance Fraud
  • Social Security Insurance Fraud
  • Disability Insurance Fraud
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Impersonating an Officer
  • Identity Theft
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Forgery


John Paragano: Union County Lawyer for Crimes Involving Forgery or Bank Fraud

The onus is always on the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt if you are charged with any crime, and fraud charges, frankly, are very difficult to prove. You have certain Constitutional Rights, like the right to remain silent, the right that your arrest be based only upon probable cause, the right against unreasonable search and seizure, etc. To enforce your rights, our skilled criminal defense attorneys are available to meet with you upon your arrest. We can explore your options and, in certain cases, reduce the severity of the charges against you. To further protect you against self-incrimination, we will communicate directly with law enforcement on your behalf, guiding you on the best course of action to take to protect your rights.

During the initial consultation, our law firm will take the time to learn all about you and the criminal charges you face. Our attorneys will assess the strength of the evidence against you and advise you on all of the available options. If necessary, we have the ability to conduct a private investigation, contact witnesses and obtain other useful evidence. Treating you with the utmost respect, our criminal defense law firm will aggressively represent you to reach the best possible resolution, whether through a plea bargain or trial.

For twenty-five years my Union law firm has successfully defended numerous charges for fraud charges including insurance, forgery and healthcare fraud, where we have achieved acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges for a variety of these crimes at the local, county and state level. If you need an experienced and powerful criminal defense attorney to help you through these troubled waters, call my office today.

What Should You Do if You are Arrested for a Medicare/Medicaid, or other form of Healthcare Fraud Charge

Don’t go at it alone, even for what you might consider a minor offense, or an oversight, accident or accounting error. Absolutely do not discuss with the aggrieved party be it a bank officer, human resources executive, law enforcement, your boss, or your insurance agent. You never know what could happen if counsel is not at your side for these discussions or dare I say for your court appearance. If you are arrested for fraud, do not try to work your way out of the charge or minimize what you have done. The authorities will listen attentively, engage you, and hold it all against you. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and get a criminal defense lawyer who handles fraud ASAP. We can be at a disadvantage defending you if you have given any sort of confession or incriminating statements. On the other hand, while in custody, do not be antagonistic or sarcastic, but be firm in your request to call a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, remaining silent and composed in the meantime. 

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