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John Paragano is a Powerful Divorce Lawyer You Will Want at Your Side in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings usually involve intense emotions and significant expense. The dedicated matrimonial attorneys at The Law Offices of John Paragano can work with you throughout your divorce to minimize the emotional strain and costs normally associated with these proceedings. We handle complex contested and uncontested divorces.

We understand there are some hard-driving attorneys in Union County and New Jersey as a whole, so we realize we must outwork them in every area of divorce law to earn the best possible outcome for our clients. You can rest assured that is how we work!

During the divorce proceedings, we will assess all of the assets and debt involved and strive to achieve the largest possible distribution of marital assets for our clients. When appropriate, we will work closely with you to guarantee proper financial support through alimony. If children are involved, we will work with you to obtain child custody, child support payments or help in the development of a parenting plan.

If you and your spouse choose to keep your divorce proceedings private and away from the courts, our law firm will work with you through voluntary mediation known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). During this process, both you and your spouse will meet with a neutral mediator to help resolve issues by bringing both parties to agreement on a fair solution. With ADR, there is complete disclosure and no litigation. Many individuals prefer this method as it tends to be faster, less costly and produces a more amicable outcome. As an approved mediator, pursuant to R. 1:40, I know the mediation process and can help you through it.

Choose The Law Offices of John Paragano for Divorce and other Family Law Issues

  • 30 Years Family Law Experience
  • Former Municipal Court Judge, Union Township, NJ 1999-2005
  • Extensive Trial Experience
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • 24/7/365 Call Center and availability
  • Evening Hours for Personal Meetings

For the the most compassionate service in Divorce as well as all Family Law in Union County, Monmouth County and all of New Jersey, contact John Paragano at The Law Offices of John Paragano, for a free consultation. Telephone 908.687.5999 or click to send an email. All consultations and written correspondences will be kept strictly confidential.

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