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John Paragano, Lawyer and New Jersey Certified Mediation Expert for Disputes and Divorce Resolution Alternatives

Mediation is the process whereby an approved mediator who meets the requirements of Court Rule 1:40 helps litigants come to an agreement outside of Court. John Paragano, principal at The Law Offices of John Paragano, is an approved mediator pursuant to Court Rule 1:40.
Mediation empowers parties to take charge of their dispute, if not divorce, and places decision-making with the parties, and not with the Court or the attorneys. In fact, the Court Rules require that all retainer agreements in divorce matters disclose to the client the option of Complementary Dispute Resolution, including mediation. Mediation is cost effective and can much faster than the Court System, allowing litigants to work through their financial issues with the help of a trained professional.

Economic mediation is now a mandatory part of the Court process. If you fail to resolve your case at an Early Settlement Panel, the Court requires you to pick an approved Mediator from the court’s list, and your matter will be scheduled for economic mediation. As part of the formal Court mediation program, the Mediator offers the first two hours of mediation free of charge. After the first two hours, the participants get to choose if they want to continue with mediation. If they do, the Mediator’s normal fee is charged consistent with the terms of a mediation agreement, and the parties usually divide the cost of mediation.

Mediation fosters creative solutions to your issues. A Court is constrained by the Court Rules and can only decide a case based upon the law, consistent with those rules. For example, if there is no agreement on how to dispose of an asset such as a house, commonly the court will order the asset sold and the proceeds divided. In mediation, you can come up agreeable solutions that benefit all involved, like retain the house until the market turns around, or keep the house until kids graduate high school. Mediation provides for solutions that the formal court process cannot.

Mediation can also be a significant cost savings. Instead of having two attorneys fighting it out in court, mediation engages the time of one attorney to help the parties come to rational and acceptable agreements on issues in dispute. Even where attorneys for the parties are involved, the expense of the mediation sessions is often eclipsed by the significant expense of repeated court appearances where little to nothing is accomplished. It provides a fair, cost effective alternative to the litigation process. The parties are able to schedule mediation sessions at their convenience – another advantage over the court process, where matters are scheduled with little regard for the parties’ schedules.

John Paragano is an approved mediator pursuant to Court Rule 1:40. With over twenty years experience as an attorney and six years experience as a former Municipal Court judge in Union Township from 1999-2006, he has developed the people skills and problem solving acumen to be an effective Mediator. Mr. Paragano also has served on the Union County Early Settlement Panel for nine years and has effectively helped hundreds of people resolve their matrimonial matters. Give us a call today and let him put his skills to work for you.

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