Property Crimes

Property Crimes Can Be Costly. Don't Go at it Alone if You Are Arrested for One

What is a property crime?

In the State of New Jersey, property crime charges can encompass a wide range of criminal activity related to the theft or destruction of another person’s property.  These crimes can include:

• Theft (including stolen property, theft of services, shoplifting, theft by deception, etc.)
• Burglary or Trespassing
• Arson

Depending on the charge, punishment for property crimes can include thousands of dollars in fines, restitution, community service, and the potential in more serious cases to be sentenced to over ten years in prison.

What should I do if I am charged with a property crime?

Do not attempt to face these charges alone. Without proper representation by an attorney who understands the law, you are putting your future at great risk.  If you are arrested for any type of property crime, do not talk to the police. The authorities will gladly listen, take notes and then turn their notes over to the prosecutor’s office to be used against you!

You have a constitutional right to remain silent, exercise it! Your best strategy is always to remain silent and immediately request to contact a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling property crime charges. Attorneys are at a great disadvantage in defending you if you have given any sort of information to law enforcement that can be construed as a confession. Be firm in your request to contact a criminal defense lawyer. In the meantime, stay calm and remain silent.

Do I need an attorney if I am charged with a property crime?’

Many people mistakenly believe that being charged with a property crime comes with little penalty, if any at all.  This is categorically untrue and has led to multiple individuals being convicted of crimes that they otherwise may have avoided had they had proper representation fighting for them.

As a former Municipal Court Judge in Union Township from 1999-2005 (Union County), I understand the intricacies of our criminal justice system and have over thirty years of defense experience fighting against these charges.  The Law Offices of John Paragano will work diligently to defend your Constitutionally protected rights and provide you with the best defense possible. Throughout my career, I have successfully defended numerous property crimes and have achieved countless acquittals, dismissals and downgrading of charges. If you need an experienced and powerful criminal defense attorney to help you through these issues, call my office today.

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